07 - Sales Channel - Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and Lifetime Value (LTV) (3)

01 - Content - Sales Channel -CAC + LTV (1)

  1. Tren Griffin - Every Business Has a CAC 9 Min. Read

    This web article by Tren Griffin takes the reader through the importance of quanitifying customer acquisition cost (CAC) other values like lifetime value of a customer (LTV) with illustrative examples, and then provides the appropriate guidelines to do this, explaining factors to consider when analyzing such numbers.

    Credit: Tren Griffin

02 - Examples - Sales Channel - CAC + LTV (2)

  1. Updata Partners - SaaS Metrics Framework Whitepaper 8 Min. Read

    This step by step guide by Updata Partners provides concrete steps to quantitatively isolate key metrics for the SaaS business such as the payback period for customer acquisition cost, and the multiple of customer acquisition cost made over the lifetime of a customer.

    Credit: Updata Partners

  2. Updata Partners - SaaS Metrics Framework Worksheet 2 Min. Read

    This spreadsheet by Updata Partners functions as a companion to the previous resource. It provides a step by step method to calculate two key success metrics for SaaS businesses: GMPP (Gross Margin Payback Period) and rCAC (Return on Customer Acquisition Cost).

    Credit: Updata Partners

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